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Major beneficiaries


Central Scholarship enables students to pursue career and technology training and higher education through scholarships that fund the gap after all other financial aid has been awarded.

The School of Public Policy and its Do Good Institute are transforming students’ idealism into extraordinary outcomes through rich learning experiences built on real-world application.

The Family Tree leads Maryland in preventing child abuse, connects caring communities, and builds strong families to improve society for generations. As the Maryland chapter of Parents Anonymous®, Prevent Child Abuse America and The National Exchange Club, we nurture hope where there may be none and give it room to grow and flourish.

Rothschild Family
Philanthropic History


David Rothschild is a managing board member of the Rothschild foundations, which are dedicated to supporting causes that make the world a better place.  The family has long had a deep commitment to addressing the root causes of all forms of inequality, and focuses on organizations that support educational opportunities, community well-being, and the arts.  

The foundations are also actively seeking additional beneficiaries that use evidence-based innovative approaches to address broader issues facing society, including environmental, healthcare, and sustainability challenges.  Additionally, the board is researching organizations that foster critical thinking to mitigate the conflation of opinion-based and evidence-based decision-making.

David serves on the board of directors and executive committee for Central Scholarship and has been instrumental in encouraging an expansion of its support for vocational training which dates to its founding in 1924.  David also serves on the board of trustees of McDonogh School, focusing on financial aid and scholarships to provide broader access to its high-quality PK-12 education.  


Marie Rothschild was instrumental in the desegregation of the American Red Cross Blood Donor program.


Marie   receiving an American Red Cross award for her chairmanship of the blood donor recruitment program. Mrs. Rothschild was presented with the Navy E. Medal by Rear Admiral John R. Beardall, Commandant of the United States Naval Academy.*

Marie Rothschild  (David’s grandmother)

  • First woman to chair the Red Cross blood drive. Led racial integration of blood donor collection program
  • Instrumental in the integration of the Grand Jurors Association
  • First woman to serve on board of Sinai hospital
  • Supported European refugee children from Nazi Europe and opened her home to several of them

Stanford Z. Rothschild, Sr. (David’s grandfather)

  • Created the original GI insurance system
  • Founder, board member, Treasurer, executive committee member of Maryland Blue Cross Blue Shield System
  • First Jewish man on UMD Board of Regents, secretary and board member

Solomon and Moses Rothschild (David’s great-grandfather and great-great-uncle)

  • Co-founders of Central Scholarship Bureau - Maryland based Vocational and College Scholarship and interest free loans (now Central Scholarship)

* Image copy courtesy of the Jewish Museum of Maryland



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